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Today I go you to explain 5 councils that, from my experience, are very interesting stops make money in Internet I call me Rafael Cruz and this is Mediatips, begin! It loves me the question of as make money in internet, is like the supreme concept, is like saying like making money in the real life

As of a lot of forms, of muchisimas forms Practicamente all what go you to explain, all what go you to say in reality podria apply to as make money in the real life Of the same form But what occurs? That in Internet there is something wonderful, from my punto, that the inversion of when you make a mistake, because you go you to make a mistake, if it is the first time that go to do something and you these informed and such as you go you to make a mistake in your first project, probably the second tambien, but probably the third no longer, probably the third is not brutal but take out something and of the chamber begin to live of this or is a good source of income But, it is practicamente the same that in the real life, so I go to try do a summary in all this subject and, explain you from my experience, the important for gnar money in Internet

The first question that have you that do is: What know to do? And this is importantisimo Because you can know do muchisimas things, but if you do not know itAs that do? Example:it loves Me because always that speak with my mother, to my mother likes him do a lot of things and likes him this of the comunicacion, she is master, has his work, but likes him this

It loves him see videos in youtube and always I say him:By that you do not do a channel of youtube? And it says me: That I go to speak? My mother is a crazy of the handicrafts, knows to cook very well, knows to do a lot of dishes, it knows of educacion muchisimo, is a professor that carries 30 years giving class, so much to adults as to boys Osea, a very big experience, and like this me podria carry a good while But your ask it to him, at first, and no would know it to you say This can carry me cientos and thousands of different people People that say me that they do not know at all and despues: they say me like knowing clean something

Imaginate That are a youngster that does not know at all, but know very well clean the house, know to have it all very orderly Those are subjects that the people sues I for example ponia in youtube like putting the washing machine

No the wise and it aprendi thank you to a youngster that tambien habia independizado and habia devoted to go up things that went averiguando in case only and did me a lot of graceTherefore, averigua what know to do, by small that think that was, because for another person sure that it is very important Of where go to come the income? This is very important We imagine that in the first case was a man that taenia a shop fisica that quebro, hill What went And now it says: What do? The is a trader of all the life, this that wants to say? It knows the contacts stops achieve product, knows to the one who it is necessary to call, knows to the one who does not be necessary to call Has informacion very valuable, so valuable that any one that want to do the same probably goes him to suppose more cost And the knows by where has to put , estais viendolo, no? Then, what knows to do is to sell, because it knows to sell product, because has one some informacion, and of where go to come his income?As surely vendera product, gives me the same It can sell knives, as the one of Steels of Hispania, one of the cases but famous Put steels of hispania conference in YouTube and already see it you because it is an espectaculo that gentleman Or no , anything that vendais

If taeniae a shop, as you can sell the same that vendiais in this shop fisica Because conoceis the distributors, etc And on podeis scalar all muchisimo but Probably it haceis by Dropshiping, this that wants say? That you same no teneis neither that buy the product, neither that send the product, neither that store the product Already we will speak of but you formulate to make money in Internet, today only I want to put this introduccion

But if you know this, as already this, this is something of a lot of value and know by where go you to come this income If it is by youtube, as by advertising of youtube, afiliacion, go to sell another product, go to sell infoproductos there is muchisimas formulate

In this channel have gone up videos speaking of forms to win money with internet or like doing profitable a channel of youtube and can cost you stops complete all the informacion that give you in this video The third, and this is key, cual it is the minimo viable product That means this This go it to listen muchisimas times and to my loves me, because muchisimas times have said me this people that have said me this and that have taken in launching his model of business, or people that has explained me this, that have taken in launching a model of business that they thought that podia work and have taken 3, 4 or 5 months And always I say them: That have been doing in these months? And they are paginas webs, a shop

The minimo viable product bases in that the idea that your know and of where go to come the income, go to put them in practises in the minimo, in at all Habia a man that love me because I recess all to the minimo It was in a talk and conto that the queria mount an on-line shop, in the starts of internet, but queria validate if this model of business that the habia imagined as podia work

Then what did it was the following: validate the model of business in some 24 hours doing the following: go up a pagina web that was a txt, a point txt, were the starts of google, the people was but permisivas with the designs of paginas web, and was a txt in which decia: I sell this, east is my telefono and this is my company I am aqui Buy me vendia A product in concrete and put advertising in in Google Adsense It saw that in the first 24 hours it received 3 or 4 requests, habiendose worn X money and already mount a pagina good web

This serious an example a puco extreme, but serious an example of a minimo viable product I Want to do videos for youtube! And that a lot of venis by this, want to do videos for youtube, perfect voucher: That have? As the camara of the movil, want to speak of such, perfect, do not have stage! As white wall, what was The loose, say the informacion that creates interesting, and to in front

This serious a minimo viable product to launch to the swimming pool and not to remain you in details Chamber, what can invest? Always I go back to this, this is very important, when your you initiate something in youtube, enuna pagina web This will go despues in distinct points, in the fifth place, is to know what can spend you

It is that at the end everything is a business, and you need an inversion It can that this inversion was poquito at the beginning, true, totally true, or even at all But always you go to need an investment basica that is the one of the time, and the one of the time never removed it to you, but tambien and , ademas, is that the time can allow you For example: we imagine that teneis a work in which ganeis 300 or 400 euros, I have had this type of worksGanais This in conditions enough regrettable And estais trabajndo 5 or 6 hours Then, to finish of wage enough horrible, because it is it, quereis look for another work but instead of this you dedicais in invest this, do videos of youtube, do a pagina web, a blog, an instagram, one on-line shop, etc This you supondra time, time that no podras devote to another work

As the time tambien is inversion As it looks, I go to need use all the tardespara achieve so much, and achieve this, to part need to invest 200 euros in the server, I go to need invest This type of things go them to have to have very clear and what it goes to be viable

Because probably for your have a sample of if this business works or no, because if it does not work, it throws and it begins another, the life is asi, hard But it stops know if this business works or have not put you of margin 6 months or a year, but is that probably with your time only can him devote 2 months As then you remain you lame, so that you go to devote him this time if you can not validate it? Asi That this is very important , know what can spend you so much economica as in time, and can adapt to this

And fifth, that platforms can use? It loves me because when the people it says like making money in internet, search: like making money with instagram? Like winning money with twitter, like making money with youtube I go you to be sincere It is truth that that can make money with a unica platform, or with a unica thing, true, but if what you want to it is a stable business, although it is something relative, quereis a business that perdure true times, need to do a business that have a lot of legs

For example: Mundodron has youtube, has blog, has forum, twitter, facebook, instagram, all this sustentado in a lot of things Sources of income: sponsorships, advertising of youtube, advertising in web, afiliacion Has a lot of legs

At the end, what repeats is that there is a sustentacion just in case a thing falls, as the another keep you or the another help you to derive, or the another helps you to suchThis is importantisimo, and then chooses very well the tools, and when I say tools are the platforms, or what go to need so that your business it work Example: I go to put an on-line shop and need probably a server by a year, pay my command, and now what do is that I say: I go me to spend X money in this and now I need advertising to give to know my products

For example: I go to sell drones, example, because it touches me closely As I go to do analisis of the drones that arrive me to the shop or those that no in youtube, for putting an example And you go giving to know the drones that arrive you to the shop and go explaining: this drone arrive me to the shop, does not like me it is horrible, and neither sell it in the shop because it does not like me But this drone loves me, me it seems a drone very good and your go relinkeandolos to the shop Despues Your sell baterias, sell accessories

You go giving this value added in this social network that is youtube, or twitter, or facebook, or in a list of post that offers to all the users that subscribe to her that each week go them to go commanding tutoriales What was Echale imaginacion To know cuales are the tools that go to use and neither try to use them all, realistic, because the one who a lot covers little tightens and that throw of refran is cutre, but create that resume quite well And at all, those are my 5 initial councils of as win money in internet, at least to the prinicipio, of as structure well your model of business, your small company for pdoer go iniciandote In other videos go to be quite but concise, quite but clear, of as make money in internet for example: using afiliacion, using dropshiping, using on-line shops, etc So if they like you this type of series, decidmelo aqui down in comments that quereis know in concrete, and if I no have idea of this concept, although there is other a lot of that if, other muchisimos but that desconozco, as it tried to contact with somebody so that us of his punto and his experience, that at the end is the but interesting

And at all, we see us in a new video aqui in Mediatips, ciao!

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